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My earliest inspiration in photography came from my father who is a biologist and nature photographer. I started experimenting with one of my father’s Nikon cameras when I was 9 years old and got my first camera when I was 10. My father is a passionate entomologist and through his influence, I took a photograph of an ant when I was 9 years old while our family was on holiday in Italy which was consequently published in a book about nature. As my own passion grew, I started experimenting with historical methods of taking and developing photographs such as barite prints, old glass negatives and large format cameras on film reminiscent of the old wild west movies.


For me it is fascinating to capture, freeze, and create an opportunity to direct a single moment. In other words, I don’t just take the picture. I MAKE the picture using all the resources available to me such as my emotions, experience, techniques, reactions, senses and, of course, light being the most important thing. I am artist and a craftsman. How I use my equipment and the technology that is available to me is just as important as my sensibilities and my particular stance as an artist. I am attempting to mirror my point of view in a single photograph. It’s the difference between the story an object is telling and the story I want the object to tell. I use light to tap into the emotions that govern the story that I want to tell about the object.


Inspired by architecture, people, food, and Cuban cigars, I am a London based German photographer with more than 20 years experience. I started my career in motorcycle racing and progressed on to commercial and editorial photography which spans portraits, fashion, travel, still life and publishing. These diverse interests and the different styles of photography I bring to them have given me the ability to juxtapose different themes in order to be as innovative as possible with the photographs I take.


I have worked with actor Jim Belushi, Jennie Churchill and food brands Dr Oetkter and Milram, Maille, Heinrich Bauer Publishing house (Hamburg/Germany), The Otto group, footwear designer Seishi Tanaka, Hemyca and Henry Holland at London Fashion Week and for some of the biggest vintage cigar traders in the world, cigar magazines Cigaraficionado, Cigar Clan, European Cigar journal, Cuban Cigar distributors Germany and UK. For the German prestige food magazine Lecker.de I create the imagery. In my own practice, I am currently experimenting with creating fluorescent pop-art photography that does not use any post-production to manipulate the colour.


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Tillmann U. Pretscher
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